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How to have Happy Horses

Azteca Stables believes in letting horses be horses!  All horses run in small herds with other horses they get along with outside, rather than living in stalls. However, stalls are available for use during inclement weather. We specialize in Horse Boarding, Horse Training and Riding Lessons. Whether you compete, trail ride, arena ride, or just want to “play with your horse” in the round pen , you are always welcome here with your horse. Horses like a happy,  friendly environment and we find a happy horse is content and wants to please! 

Azteca Stables is owned and managed by Donna Murphy. Donna and her husband Michael live on the premises so the horses are watched and monitored closely. She has over 40 years of professional experience and horses are her passion, her love and her life. She started riding at age 5 and has never stopped.  Her love for the equine continues to grow. 

Azteca Stables is located in the central Texas Hill Country, in the Canyon Lake area, between Austin and San Antonio. The area  is beautiful with hill country vistas and Canyon Lake is nearby with awesome horse trails, and yes, you can swim with your horse!

Our Belief: Boarding Stables shall treat Horses like family!

We believe laughter and enjoyment are equally important for both horses and people to live a well-balanced and joyous life.  Horses and riders  can  take to the trails, work in the arena ,  play in the round pen,  swim in the lake, and sometimes even join in local area parades; all while sharing stories and laughter! Come join us!

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More about Donna


Find out more about who Donna is and why she chose a job she loves.

Horse Boarding


We treat horses like family. One of the main reasons Azteca stands out from the crowd and comes with such high recommendations is how Donna runs her facility.

Riding Lessons


Learning to be comfortable in the saddle takes time, training and a good teacher. Donna  is well known for her abilities and patience with both horses and riders.

Horse Training


Learning to "be one with your horse" takes two, and starts with your companion knowing what you want from them. 

Riding is meant to be fun for Riders and Horses


 Trail Rides, Water Play,  and relaxed social outings benefit everyone involved. Learning begins in the arena and round pen, but getting out on trail is where the fun begins.

Endurance Riding


Donna is a well known and winning Endurance Rider and competitor. If you decide you want to learn about endurance riding as a beginner, or to take your skills to the next level, this is the teacher to train you.

About Donna

Horses trust her


Donna Murphy, owner and manager, has over 40 years of experience with horse training and riding. She lives and breathes horses, they are her passion. She loves teaching adults and children basic riding skills and safety.  She works hard to match horse and rider so both benefit.

 Azteca Stables offers boarding, as well as Natural horsemanship training and lessons. Donna will also help you find or sell a horse should the occasion arise.  

Why this Works


  Donna trains and schools horses in the round pen and arena, but loves riding the trail.  Her love of trail riding is such that she has worked with groups like the Army Corps of Engineers to put in , maintain and organize clean-ups for riding trails around the Canyon Lake Area. She also participates in local area volunteer events.  

Endurance Riding


Donna has been competing in Endurance Competition since 1996. She knows how to be competitive and how to get a horse through an Endurance ride. She has numerous first places and top ten awards, along with Best Condition Awards, and an awesome completion record with numerous horses. 

Her competition ride record of combined 50 and 25 mile endurance races  is well over 4,000 miles. Endurance is one of the fastest growing equine sports. It is a lot of fun and challenging for horse and rider. She loves sharing her endurance knowledge with others. The endurance motto is : “To finish is to win”.  

For more information please check the organizations Donna belongs to and promotes the Texas Endurance Riders Association, (TERA), the American Endurance Ride Conferance, (AERC), as well as the Texas Equestrian Trail Riders Association, (TETRA).


About the Azteca breed

Did you know that Azteca is an actual breed of Horses?

 About the Azteca Horse 

Donna's  love for the Azteca horse is how she came to name her facility

Azteca  Stables.  The Azteca is a breed that came out of breeding the American

Quarter horse with the Spanish Andalusian. Donna  bred her first Azteca horse, Shanti in 1989, and has raised  a number of  foals and fillies. Donna trained Shanti to be very  versatile, she  did dressage, drill team, trail riding, endurance  riding, parades, and then Shanti became a broodmare.  One filly was  named by the International Andalusian Horse and Lusitano Association a  Grand Champion in halter.


Competitive Pricing & a One on One training regime where horses and people always come first!

 Please contact me for rates, I will be competitive, and am not as expensive as many places! 

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