horse Boarding

What makes us Special


 Azteca Stables a family-run operation on our property, so all horses are closely monitored. Each horse is watched,  and feed is adjusted according to the horse's age, amount of work, and individual needs.  Since we live and ride here, all the horses are cared for and treated like family.  

Besides the round pen and arena, we also have local wooded trails, trail obstacles and hills to give your horse a complete workout! 


How we Work


 This is a small operation so all horses are closely monitored. Each horse gets individual attention, and feed is adjusted according to the horse's age, amount of work, and individual needs.  The

owner lives on the property, and the horses are cared for and treated like family. 

 We provide a 60 ft round pen, arena, hill country  trails, wash racks, stocks,  and a  barn with  stalls and  runs.   All stalls  and paddocks  have automatic watering devices.  All horses have out time, and because horses long for a herd, we want them to be safe in that herd.    

 We carefully monitor horses in small bands, giving them companionship and turn out. Horses are herd animals and need their buddies..They are brought in for feeding, and fed 2 times per day; pelleted grain  and quality horse hay. Donna takes in nice horses that get along and folks who want to have fun with their horses! 

Working with Horses


If you need help and your horse needs more work, Donna can train your horse for you.  Does your horse need a better foundation or desensitizing to spooky things? If you are interested in  trail, or endurance riding, Donna can help.

 Besides  the round pen and arena, we have local wooded trails, an obstacle course, and  hills to give your horse a complete workout!  The trail obstacles for you and your horse make the horse think and the challenges are  good for both horse and rider!

Horse Training


The Joy of True Companionship

 One is Never too old (or young) to learn New Skills!  Does your horse need  a better foundation to build more trust?  Do you have a horse ready to start  under saddle, or one giving you fits on the trail? How about a horse you'd like a better handle on.  Donna can put a good foundation and/or  better finish on your horse.   Does your horse need better flexion, a better headset,  or  improvement working  off your legs?  Do you need a better seat?  Is your horse trail ready and desensitized to the environment?  Are you interested in  learning about endurance riding and getting your horse ready for a ride? 

Donna  has over 40 years of experience and uses her background in Dressage as a training discipline to work off legs and seat and uses Natural horsemanship to gain respect. She uses gentle but firm methods to train. Donna has spent years learning from professional trainers such as  Pat Parelli , John Lyons, Clint Anderson, Chris Cox, and Craig Cameron.  She loves going to clinics to learn from other professionals and applies all of her learned knowledge to teach each horse individually.  Natural horsemanship techniques with lots of ground work gets the horse to accept people as leaders.  They want to bond and we need them to respect and listen to us!   


 Remember that horses are prey animals and have a natural fear of flight built into them. We must understand this and build their confidence, based on horse psychology rather than intimidation. De-spooking is also very important and Donna has some great ways to build their confidence!   Donna can also help with trailer loading , better finish, better control, a better walk, trot , and canter, trail riding, endurance riding, and much more. Need a better stop or nicer soft turns?  Confidence and balance are also important factors. Donna has worked with numerous  horses and their owners to create that partnership folks are  looking for!  

 Donna teaches each horse to respect the rider, to have better manners,  to engage its hindquarters, and to have better flexion and softness.  Proper headset is the foundation to a soft horse that listens! Donna feels that softness in the poll is they key to better movement.  Horses get versatile training with Donna, including   round pen work, arena work, and trail work.  " I think a horse to needs be de-sensitized to many environments, and I work horses to be quiet and to have respect. I love putting a better finish on a horse and love seeing the results with a happy horse!"   


 Donna works with all breeds:  Arabians, Morgans, Quarter horses, gaited horses, thoroughbreds, Andalusians, and Aztecas.  She can also train and condition a horse to get the horse ready for an endurance ride. She likes to work with  both horse and rider to become a team!   Come ride with us! Give customers a reason to do business with you.

Donna Training samuel

Check out this great Training Video! This is 4 year old Samuel (Paint/ Quarter horse) doing ground work and learning to go under saddle.

Wahou Sioux / wma Proclaim (apollo)

 WMA Procaim is a 6 year old Arabian and  Wahou Sioux is a Paint mare.